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Hi there!

I am just so glad that you are here!

We both have a passion for Pilates and Yoga and would like to pursue doing what we love.

After many years of working in Pilates and Yoga industry as a pilates instructor and Manager of many studios around the world, I decided to launch my Consulting company, which was nerve-wracking! I left a stable income to pursue a dream. Even though, I was very well aware of the huge number of small businesses that fail within the first year, I knew that I was meant to run my own business.

Everything changed since I stepped out on my own... Suddenly I was in charge of my own success and had more time with my family. My “salary” was determined only by the limitations I set for myself.

Don’t you just love that part of owning your own business? You can focus on your own dreams, and build your own success. How amazing is that?!

Since the day I left the security of a full-time job, I have been very fortunate. In fact, in the beginning, I struggled to balance my business and life with my family because I had taken too many projects. I just love helping people start their own studios.

And that’s when I realized that my business model – providing one-on-one services to my clients – was limiting the number of businesses I could help.

I am a huge believer in the importance of being passionate about what you do. So I took some time to think, really think, about the studios that I enjoyed developing the most. And you know what all these clients had in common?

They all had a passion for Pilates or Yoga and wanted to create a space where they will share that passion with other people.

So here we are!

My name is Lily Duff, and I’m the founder of the Set Square One Start-Up Academy for Pilates and Yoga Studios.

I am focused on delivering actionable steps and providing easy-to-implement start-up tactics designed specifically for Pilates and Yoga Studios.

After working on full-time hands-on projects from start to finish to helping many studios online around the world, I came up with the 10 module 'Start Your Own Pilates or Yoga studio' course, which is designed to help you understand what you need to do in order to open the doors of your own studio -step by step. You will save thousands of dollars, as this course will guide you to the most cost-effective solutions and help you avoid mistakes that most of the first-time studio owners make.

My mission is to make your life easier by simplifying your startup strategy by focusing on the things that you need. I want to help you reduce your start-up budget and generate revenue in the first few months of opening of your studio.

Is it possible? Yes. Absolutely, yes.

So let’s get started!

If you’re ready to start your Pilates and Yoga studio today, join me for my FREE webinar.


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Exhale Studio launched in 2008 as the first ladies-only studio in Dubai, UAE offering Yoga, Pilates & fitness classes. Lily joined our team as General Manager before our launch and spearheaded the launch operation at the time ensuring all aspects of the business set up were accounted for: operations, scheduling, and hiring process to name a few. Lily then successfully launched our second branch in 2010 as part of our business development initiatives and managed to single-handedly run both operations smoothly. Lily’s efforts in the setup and operations of Exhale aided in Exhale securing multiple industry awards and establishing Exhale’s reputation as a leading industry operator in the area.

Rama Al-Jayyousi & Alia Alami – owners of Exhale Studio, Dubai, UAE
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“Opening a studio is very stressful but Lily guided me step by step and made my life so much easier!  There are so many little things that I wasn’t even aware of. She has helped me with the business development, choosing the equipment, creating a class schedule, prices, policies, helped with creating our website, set up of all social media channels as well as completing the recruitment, and even organizing a photoshoot. Thank you, Lily. I hope to work with you in the future again!”

“Also, I absolutely loved the logo they created for me. I had a logo to start off with which was very basic and Lily convinced me to change it and I am so happy that she did!  The new logo gave us a different identity - modern, classy, and applicable across my whole business.  The whole process was very quick and creative. Thank you, Srdjan for creating such a beautiful brand!”

Zahra Hersini – Owner of Yoga La Vie Studio, Dubai, UAE
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“Ljiljana has helped me start-up Flo studio. Her experience in the Pilates & Yoga industry has helped me so much when using her consulting services as her company is like the one-stop-shop for anything to do with the fitness field. I hired her when this was just an idea on paper and she helped me build a strong concrete ground starting from the business idea, designing policies, contracts, to recruiting excellent staff and sharing all those amazing tips on how to market and grow a good base of followers. She has been a great asset to our team, going up and beyond her agreed work-scope to support the project. I look forward to continuing working with her in the future.”

Fatima Al- Yousef – Owner of the Flo Studio, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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